Petit Coral: Unique, Timeless and Pure

In Petit Coral every product is designed with love and produced concerning nothing but the best for our children.

  • Our Story


    Petit Coral was founded in London to provide an organic handcrafted clothing for the children.

    Our mission is to create a world where pure organic materials meet timeless designs and aesthetics. It will be an exciting discovery for parents who want nothing but the best for their children.

  • Why Organic Textiles?

    We use organic products because protecting our children's health is our number one priority. We avoid any type of chemicals and do our best to be as close as possible to the nature.

  • The Touch of Handmade Production

    Our handcrafted line consists of pure organic muslin and cotton. The production process combines traditional manufacturing methods with timeless designs. Every single item of this line is handcrafted by our workshops in Turkey.